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Lease agreement: get everything right from the outset

A lease agreement is an official contract sealed between two parties. This contract legally transfers real estate property, land, products, services, etc., to an individual or entity for temporary possession in return for a specific fee. In this document, a lessor (asset owner) and a lessee set out terms and rules of the contract and define what will happen in case either party does not follow them. Also, this document serves to give protection to a lessor and a lessee in case of disagreement of any nature between them.

Choosing the right lease agreement form

Different types of assets require different types of agreements and forms. Individuals and companies can rent anything, from vehicles and machinery to property (residential lease agreement). Here's a rundown of some of the most popular lease forms:

  1. Equipment Lease
  2. Hunting Lease
  3. Auto Lease
  4. Residential Property Lease Agreements
  5. Residential Room Lease Agreement
  6. Sublease Forms

Things to consider when preparing an agreement

Choices of lease templates that you can find online and modify to fit your particular needs are abundant. However, there are some legal aspects you need to be aware of when using DIY templates. You must ensure that your document's content aligns with state and federal laws. As a general rule, you should prepare your document according to the laws of the state where the lessor resides. However, this doesn't apply to all states. If you have any doubts about laws you need to follow, check with a lawyer or legal professional.

How long is a standard lease agreement?

These types of contracts can be long-term or short-term. For instance, in real estate, a short-term contract called a rental lease agreement requires signing on a month-to-month basis; a long-term contract called a lease agreement covers a period of at least 12 months.

How to get and complete the appropriate Lease Agreement template

Legal paperwork requires accurate completion and compliance with federal and applicable state laws to be valid. You'll need solid and costly professional expertise to compose it from scratch, and surfing the web for verified legal templates takes considerable time. We offer a better solution for you here!

Our website offers fully compliant fillable and printable Lease Agreement forms drafted by professional lawyers. Answer all our survey questions, and our system will pre-fill your template with your information. The process takes only a few minutes, saving you time, money, and effort.

Follow this guide to obtain your Lease Agreement within minutes:

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  3. Check your answers to be sure that everything is correct and comprehensive.
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Take advantage of our service, where anyone can easily create a professionally looking state-specific Lease Agreement irrespective of their legal expertise. We offer the quickest way to prepare your paperwork with maximum efficiency. Save time on endless web searches for appropriate blank forms. Get your legal paperwork now in only a few simple clicks!

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Lease Agreement FAQ

Do you need a deed to create a lease?

A deed is simply a document which is executed rather than just signed. The law requires some documents to be by deed – for example, transfers of land or leases which are for more than years. If they aren't executed as a deed then they won't be fully legally binding.

How do I get a property lease agreement?

This should have been given to you by your solicitor when you bought your property. If there is a mortgage on the property, you can ask the mortgage lender if they can give you a copy. The Land registry will also hold a copy.

Who makes the tenancy agreement?

Well, it's usually up to the landlord or lettings agent to provide a tenancy agreement. In most cases, the landlord's solicitor or agent will have a template tenancy agreement that can be used as a starting point and then amended where necessary.

Can I write my own tenancy agreement?

Can I write my own tenancy agreement? You don't necessarily need a solicitor to produce a legal document like a tenancy agreement. You can do it yourself, just make sure to include all the relevant information. Ensure it is up to date with the law and in particular does not contain any illegal clauses.

Can I write my own lease agreement?

Yes, Microsoft Word has a free lease agreement template that you can customize to create your own contract and minimize any potential problems between tenant and landlord.